Thai Massage Training Certification in USA & Mexico

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thai massage training

Traditional Thai Massage - Level 1 (Foundations, body mechanics) - 12-15 CE hours;

Advanced Thai Massage - Level 2 (Therapeutic applications) - 12-15 CE hours;

Thai NeuroMuscular Therapy - Level 3 (Advanced courses combining Neuromuscular Therapy and Thai Massage):

Module 1. Lower Girdle (12 CE hours);

Module 2. Upper Girdle, Scalp, and Jaw (12 CE hours); and

Module 3. Abdomen, Ribcage and Spine (12 CE hours).

These Thai Massage training courses are fully hands-on and are designed to get participants to become comfortable with Thai massage to start working as bodyworkers right after the training. 

Surya Thai Massage training is based on Slava's two decades of daily practice with clients of all walks of life, specializing in treatment and prevention of athletic injuries, and chronic pain and tension.

After studying many systems of Thai Bodywork in the USA and in Thailand, Slava developed his own multiple Thai Massage sequences to address different tension and injury patterns in his clients that he had seen over the years. He eliminated certain bio-mechanics that may be harmful for practitioners, and added techniques that work in the most direct and effective way to treat specific health concerns and conditions.  

As a neuromuscular therapist, running coach, yoga therapist, and yoga anatomy teacher, Slava brings detailed knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and pathology into all of his training courses. 

At its core, Surya Thai Massage Training is about safe and efficient body mechanics for practitioners and effective treatment protocols for clients.