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"I’m so glad that I had taken up Level 1 & 2 Thai Yoga Massage workshops with Slava .. He’s an amazing teacher .. His course is very intricately designed .. Slava’s presence is very calm, assuring and extremely non-judgmental and caring .. This training is a real treat..."
~ Sunetra Banerjee, Boston, MA, 2018

"Slava's expertise and knowledge of thai bodywork, massage, and healing the athletic community has helped me in my bodywork practice after taking his course. I am thankful for his insightful tips of the trade you can't find in any book. You'll know he is an expert and passionate about his work as soon as you meet him, and it is an honor to have learned from him!
~ Celeste, Cape Cod, MA, 2016"

"I loved this workshop. It gave me exactly what I expected - a lot of body technique. Very well-organized and presented."

"Slava is an exceptional teacher who shares his passion and expertise as he guides you through the dance and flow that is Thai Bodywork. Slava's class combines the best practices of therapeutic massage with the ancient wisdom and healing of Thai bodywork. Level one class will leave you with a very solid introduction and sequence that you can share with your family, friends or clients. I left this class feeling confident and ready to practice Thai Massage. I highly recommend Slava's classes for anyone who truly desires to learn and integrate this healing modality into their work.
~ Lisa M., Worcester, MA"

"I love Slava's workshops!! He has a way of teaching that is so easy to follow and understand. I already do Thai Massage in my practice, but participating in his workshops gave me added confidence which was very noticeable in my client sessions. His expertise and passion for this work spills over and touches everyone."
~ Ramona, Manchester, NH

"This entire experience was wonderful and totally transformed the way I think about bodywork."

"I found that this workshop gave me the understanding of Thai Massage sequencing and also provided me with a more advanced knowledge of Thai bodywork."

"Slava is a great teacher. I am looking forward to the next level."

"It was a great training. Slava is very knowledgeable and also entertaining. It's important to laugh. :)"

"The course was exactly what I had expected. We had ample time to review and practice during the final class. Very informative instruction and I am excited to implement this modality in my practice. Slava was very interested in everyone understanding the material, techniques, and mechanics."

"I like that we did so much hands-on learning. It really made learning more fun."

"The workshop was great! I've been waiting to do this for a long time. My clients are already excited! Slava has a lot of knowledge to share and I look forward to learning more."

"I loved this course. It's easy to use in a massage or yoga setting. It was a lot of content but it's good to have options when putting together a sequence."

"The instruction was very clear and easy to follow."

"Slava has great energy, calm demeanor, and is very knowledgeable."

"Thai Level 1 workshop was thorough and provided a good base to start from, leaving room for creativity and innovation. I appreciated the emphasis on body mechanics."

"Slava is such an incredible teacher. Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 was amazing! I am a Yoga teacher and was looking to learn a new trade, I am so glad I took this course! Looking forward to Level 2!"
~ Amber, Seattle, WA

"The best continuing ed class I have taken. :) as an LMT, this class is immensely valuable and educational. Slava is extremely knowledgeable- as well as kind, wise, and gentle in his appoach. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and light with bodyworkers."
❤ ~ Raychell, Tacoma, WA, December 2019