Surya Thai Massage - Level Two

Advanced Thai massage training in the USA

Advanced Thai Massage - Learn 4-hour Sequences, Therapeutic Applications for the Shoulder, Spine, Hip and Pelvis (including Psoas Release), Abdominal Massage, and Facial Massage

Who can take Level 2 Thai training?

Level 2 training is intended for experienced Thai massage practitioners: those who have completed Slava's Level 1 Thai training, or who have received prior extensive training in Thai Massage elsewhere. 

Thai massage training Boston 2019

Cost per Person

$400 p/p for 15 hours

$330 p/p for 12 hours


Theosophical Society, 21 Maple Street, Arlington, MA 02476

-- Unless Announced Otherwise


Please fill out the form on this page.


Deposit of $100 is required to reserve a spot; and can be paid by check or credit card at the Paypal or Venmo options below.

Address to Mail Deposit:

Slava Kolpakov, 15692 Bernardo Center Drive, #2306, San Diego, CA 92127


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