Thai Herbal Ball Massage

Herbs have been used for healing in Thailand for centuries.

Anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing qualities are attributed to such common Thai herbs as Thai ginger, lemongrass, and turmeric.

Since the old days, the herbs were gathered into cloth balls with small handles. These herbal balls were soaked and heated, and then placed, pressed, and rolled over sore muscles of battle-weary warriors, monks returning after long meditations, or commoners working long days in the fields.  

When to Ask for Thai Herbal Ball Application

  • For stiff and achy in joints; 
  • Sore muscles after hard workouts;
  • Chronic tension in neck and shoulders that cannot be "broken down" with regular massage (the heat of the Thai herbs will help); 
  • Lumbar stiffness and pain; 
  • Cold (or Cold Wind as in Chinese Medicine) that seems to "invade" the body/muscles.